Core Values

1. The guidance of the Holy Spirit

Where we work and how is not determined by ourselves but by the Holy Spirit. We determine His guidance through the Word of God and through God’s providence when great needs, great opportunities and an ability to help intersect.

2.  Prayer
Because the task of making disciples of all nations is far beyond our own ability, we must devote ourselves to continual prayer. Through prayer, we remain dependent upon the Spirit who alone can do the work.

3.  Church planting
From everywhere to everywhere lost people matter to God, they matter to us. We go to serve, not to be served. We work where the Gospel is least known because we have been commanded to do so and because people’s ultimate need is to find eternal life through a personal relationship with God.

Our work is focused on the Church from beginning to end. We engage existing churches in cooperative efforts to plant new churches in Africa and then encourage those churches to plant even more new churches.

4. Leadership training

The key to church planting is leadership. Without strong leaders, planted churches will fall apart. Our part is to come alongside of leaders that are called of God and equip them to serve.

5. Working through relationships

Fulfilling the Great Commission is only possible through the body of Christ working together in unity. Fruitful ministry flows out of Christ-centered relationships.

6. Building for the long term

Our aim is not to engage in random, short-term ministry, having no sense of continuance in the fields where we labor. Our priority is to build works that will stand and keep functioning after we leave, even for generations. The true test for missionary work is not what happens when we are on the field, but what continues to happen when we leave.