Future Foundation Children Center

Our Vision

No child is going homeless, no child is going unschooled, and no child is going hungry, committed to bring hope and future quality life.


Restoring God’s original design purposes and potential for a child to bring hope and future into existence.

Core Values

The organization is guided by the principle of God fearing, transparency, respect for human rights and integrity working through God’s fearing ethics and accountability.


A healthy respect for self will allow your children to say no when they need to. Knowing it’s okay to say no when pressured to do something they don’t want to do validates that their needs are important, too. And honoring someone else’s “no” validates that others’ needs are important as well. Healthy boundaries result from respect for self and are essential for a healthy life.

Relationship with God

For our family, it has been important to teach our children the importance of having a life in connection with God. I’ve come to the conclusion that the one who would know the most about life is the God who created us. A life centered around God brings stability and strength. Awareness of and dependence on God helps us remember that life is bigger than us. Taking kids to church, praying with them, reading the Bible together, and talking about how you relate to God are great ways to teach this core value.


Integrity means I can be counted on to fulfill a commitment I made to the best of my ability. It also means I can admit when I’ve overcommitted and can make amends for how it affects other people. Additionally, integrity means honesty, trustworthiness, and faithfulness. Repeatedly following through with your own commitments to your kids shows them first-hand the value of integrity. And when you find yourself breaking your commitments to them, it’s important to apologize and strategize about how to keep your word in the future. These are occasions to grow in your own integrity, which teaches them the true value of being a trustworthy person.


Having the freedom to dream and imagine encourages a child to tap into his or her potential. Children will find they are capable of so much when given the opportunity to dream. Life has a way of resisting these dreams and will bring balance to outrageous ideas. But your support, along with your guidance and wisdom, will enable your kids to realize great potential.

Who We Are

We are committed optimists, supporting education as the key to ending destitute life and replace with a better quality of life.

Empower Children

All children deserve education, nutrition, health, and protective services. We provide each child with the quality education, and dignity, that is their right. To do this we need monthly support from people like you.

We all have monthly expenses, and so do children- they need consistence support. Your monthly donation will bring the future of a child in hand.

Why Foster Families

Children are able to find happiness with small steps toward improvement of their future lives.  Foster parents see their role as helping children achieve success life in small steps, beginning with daily tasks.

Foster care is a way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents. All over the world, foster families open their hearts to children in need, and share their family life with them.