My Story

I worshiped the black cow. I offered sacrifices, prayed for blessings, protection, good rain fall, and a bountiful harvest to the black cow. It was how I was raised and all I ever knew until I heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. When I received Christ in 1987, the Great Commission was placed in my heart. My heart was burning for the lost people. The Lord spoke to me through Mathew 28:19-20 to make disciples of Him. I knew that the Lord was calling me to serve Him.

I attended Mount Meru University for Theological studies where I was prepared for the ministry through four years of study. My passion for loving God and loving people was the source of my motivation, my passion, and my calling, what I love to do and what I care about most. Jesus Christ placed a special call on my life.

After my Theological studies I started working from 2001-2010. I was involved in mission trips through different organizations like, Life way Ministry, Pioneer ministry, E3 Partners, Compassion International Ministry, and Reach Africa Ministry, sharing the gospel and planting churches in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. On mission trips I loved doing evangelism, church planting, seminars, and training leaders. God was teaming me with different organization to gain experience for the great task ahead of me.

In 2012 I joined J-life Africa, a ministry that focuses on disciple making. I was trained, equipped, and shaped to focus on my calling and know my gifts in the ministry. J-life Africa played a big role in transforming my personal and family life and my ministry focus. Since then, God has been speaking into my heart to start my own ministry to make Africa beautiful and light Africa with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through working in different ministry organizations God was preparing me to start my own ministry organization. The desire to pursue and fulfill my calling increased every day and was an essential part of living for God’s glory.

In 2014 a good friend of mine, Van MacWhorter, whom I met on a mission trip in 2009 in Tanzania, invited me to visit him in the United States. We had time to pray, asking God for divine connections with the right people. God was faithful and connected me to Pastor Jonathan Celoria, a man of God who had a passion and vision to train pastors and plant churches in East Africa.

In 2015 my ministry was born and I started hosting mission trips and leading teams in different places in Tanzania, evangelizing, training pastors, planting churches, and conducting women’s, youth and children’s ministry. I founded my ministry, Beautiful Feet Africa, in Shinyanga, Tanzania, with a vision to reach the continent of Africa through evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and providing humanitarian aid, which have always been a main focus of my calling in the ministry.

Come, join the Lord’s work in Africa!